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What we do?

Google Outlook sync

  • Yoxel syncs calendar envites, contacts and tasks automatically and multi-directionally between Google and Outlook.
  • Finally! A true multi-directional data synchronization solution that doesn’t require any plugins or downloads.
  • Make updates wherever it’s most convenient for you: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc – Yoxel syncs all other devices for you.
  • A cloud-based solution that’s fantastic for teams at work and for individuals’ personal use.
  • Learn more about Google Outlook sync.

Google sync

  • Yoxel syncs contacts, tasks and calendar events between multiple Google apps and Gmail accounts without plugins or downloads.
  • Update calendar invite, task or contact info in one Google account, and Yoxel will automatically sync the other for you.
  • We deliver cloud-based, multi-directional sync that’s 99.9% reliable and secure.
  • Learn more about Google sync.

Salesforce integration

  • Sync your contacts, calendar events and tasks across Salesforce and Outlook and/or Google Apps accounts.
  • Integrate your Outlook and/or Gmail email conversations into Salesforce.
  • See your data across devices – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry. You can view and update your info wherever it’s most convenient for you, Yoxel syncs it for you.
  • Great for individuals and for teams of all sizes. Our reliable cloud-based, multi-directional CRM sync service is available 99.9%of the time.
  • Learn more about Salesforce integration.

Basecamp sync

  • Sync your Basecamp calendar and tasks with those in Outlook and/or Google Apps.
  • Yoxel has the only multi-directional data synchronization solution that doesn’t require plugins or downloads.
  • View and update data from any device – laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. Wherever you access your data, it will be up to date all the time!
  • A cloud-based sync solution that’s perfect for teams at work and for personal use.
  • Learn more about Basecamp sync.

Highrise sync

  • Yoxel has the only solution that provides true multi-directional contact and task sync with Outlook and Google Apps – without plugins or downloads.
  • Log your Outlook and/or Gmail email conversations into Highrise.
  • Use any of your devices – smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. – your data will be up to date anywhere you access it.
  • Perfect for teams or individuals.
  • Learn more about Highrise sync.
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What you get?

There’s a reason why 97% of our hundreds of customers try our solution and never leave.

Exceptionally easy-to-use

Yoxel’s sync solutions are simple to set up and incredibly easy to use. You’ll be set up in just minutes. No training required!

Team-based collaboration

Our solutions work great for teams of all sizes. No one gets left behind with old data when you use our sync services.

Multi-directional reach

Our solutions sync multi-directionally so no matter where you enter your data, it updates across all platforms.

Multi-device accessibility

Your data is up to date and accurate no matter where you are or with what device you use to access it. Yoxel syncs data on iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry, etc.

99.9% reliability

Yoxel is available 100% of the time through our 99.9% uptime guarantee, whether you are in a meeting room or on the go.

Multi-system convenience

Sync between your CRM, PM and email platforms automatically. Make an update in one – and the rest follow. Our solution is the only one that syncs with Outlook!

Won’t duplicate records

Yoxel detects and de-duplicates duplicate data for you. Nothing gets deleted – ever. No clutter, no confusion!

Filter-based precision

You’re the boss! Our solutions let you control your data syncs by setting up custom filters based on tags.

Exceptional support

Need help or have questions? Yoxel’s support team is here to assist and give you answers at any time, literally.

Get started in less than 5 minutes
Questions? 1-415-230-0189

How Yoxel works?

Sign up in less than 5 minutes in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Add the services you want to sync.

Step 2

Set up syncing rules for those services.

Step 3

Review and confirm the settings to enable the sync.

Yoxel’s interface is intuitive and easy to use!

  • To add a service: Log in, click the “Add service” link, and complete the simple 3-step process. You’ll be ready to go in less than 5 minutes!
  • To change a rule: Log in, click the “Edit” button next to a rule, and modify any of your rules by following the easy-to-use options menu.
  • To add a user: Log in, click the “Add user” button, and add the details. After that, either you – or the new user – can complete the process by going through the three quick sign up steps.
  • To modify account settings: Log in, click the “Account setting” link and change your account details.
Get started in less than 5 minutes
Questions? 1-415-230-0189
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