As the remote work has become a new norm for many organizations aligning sales, marketing, and service teams became quite a challenge. CRMs are the systems that are supposed to track and provide information about all your customers, but your workforce is living across devices in messaging platforms like MS Teams, Google Workspace, Zoom. How do you make sure your business, its teams, and customers are on the same page? And what happens when these systems don’t talk to each other?

Is your CRM workflow integrated?

A lot of frustration happens when your CRM is not integrated with collaboration platforms that your users use. A sales rep may not have details, like job role or even first name, for a new lead. Marketing may not know that sales even needs that data. An important opportunity related inquiry comes from a website and no one in your company knows and doesn’t immediately respond to it. When you can’t simply walk up to someone’s desk to resolve this miscommunication, or can’t easily find what you need in your company’s internal apps, the frustration only increases.

To avoid missing connections, to stop wasting time navigating different systems, and to empower people customer data needs to be readily accessible in those collaboration platforms. This will enhance your organization’s productivity and team alignment.

Real-Time communication and engagement

Real-time communication is essential to help nurture a lead or even close a deal. You can use CRM workflow automations to inject quality data into employees' conversations. Yoxel Signals will deliver the notifications/signals to the right people at the right time. Your team can focus on what is important. No more missing a bit.

Cross-functional collaboration and visibility

Generating leads, closing new deals, and supporting clients moves a business forward. To do that, you need marketing, sales, and service teams fully equipped with the tools they each need and able to collaborate to avoid confusion or miscommunication. But when those platforms aren’t connected, your efficiency can falter.

Using CRM Workflows and Yoxel Signals, you can set up signals to individual members or entire team channels. For example, you can set up a CRM signal to a channel every time someone submits a form, so everyone within your company can react and work together on the lead appropriately. Or you could build a workflow that triggers a signal to a specific service team member, including customer details, when someone needs support. Whatever the case, the idea is to get departments working together to improve your interaction with prospects and customers.

Increased productivity

Spending too much time on manual tasks, like digging for information in your CRM to send to a coworker in Teams or Google Workspace, decreases productivity. With Yoxel Signals, crucial lead and customer details are instantly provided to the right team members, so they can spend more time nurturing and less time looking for contact data. All it takes is a few minutes to set up a workflow action, and you’re on your way to having an effective engagement platform.

Moreover, every signal comes as an adaptive card with an option to view record details, navigate to related records, and to share records to channels. Users can access needed CRM data right from the messaging apps.

System alignment

Your sales and marketing teams maybe using more than one messaging platform or even CRM and Yoxel Signals can solve such a misalignment almost immediately. It supports delivering workflow signals from multiple CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Highlevel) to multiple messaging apps (ME Teams, Google Workspace, Webex, Zoom). Your reps can find the information they need whether they’re in CRM or in MS Teams or Gmail.