Did you wonder how you could log email to Salesforce with the least number of clicks? Say an automatic activity capture solution like Yoxel Sync could not find a matching CRM contact or a relevant opportunity record, an email remained unlogged. That is when you use the ‘Log email’ (‘Log event’) function of your Outlook/Gmail add-on.

Optimizing manual email logging

Consider these steps:

  1. There is no matching contact or lead for an email in Salesforce yet. You can create a new lead or contact first. Creating a lead is a good option as Yoxel Salesforce add-ons provide an easy way to convert leads into opportunities later (all logged activities are preserved).
  1. Now, go to the ‘Log email’ menu:
    • Outlook LogEmail
    • Gmail users, find the ‘Log email to Salesforce’ option in the native Gmail message menu. LogEmail
  2. You can create a new opportunity when logging an email!
  1. Here is the best part! The addin will try to autofill the key fields:

    • Contacts roles
    • Account
    • Opportunity name (from email subject)
    • Description (from email body)
  2. Hit ‘Save’, and you can complete your email logging

  1. With 4,5 clicks and without typing anything, you have accomplished the following:
    • Created a new opportunity
    • Specified contact roles
    • Logged the email to the new opportunity.
  2. The same works for cases!

Graphics designed by vectorjuice / freepik