Our Salesforce users have been asking for a convenient way to share their availability by inserting a web link into emails that they send to their customers. Finally, the scheduler capability is part of our new Outlook and Gmail addons , which by the way are built as the backendless addins using Aurinko API.

Also, a note for developers: The scheduler functionality is available through the Aurinko platform so you could be providing similar functionality in your apps.


You can define multiple event types (or availability profiles): Profiles

Here is what an availability profile defines:

  1. A meeting duration. Meetings booked using this link can be 15, 30, 45, 60 mins.
  2. Link text, for inserting a hyperlink into email.
  3. A teleconference link. Either a custom link will be included or a standard one (Hangout or Teams).
  4. Your work hours or availability. Maybe this link/profile open only two out of 5 days for meeting booking.


Here is how you insert a link into a new email in Gmail: Insert link

And this is what the email recepient will see after clicking your link: Calendar

They can choose a day and time that is convenient for them and book a meeting with you. The booking engine will automatically create an event on your calendar and invite your customer to the meeting.

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