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Reach out more effectively to prospects, clients, and customers with instant appointment scheduling, email templates, and automated follow-up.


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Customizable Outlook/Gmail addons

Support complex sales processes and data entry requirements with configurable log email, log event forms, addon menus, and full support of Salesforce page layouts and record types.

  • Share availability by email and simplify meeting booking.
  • Use email templates and personalized follow-up sequences and increase response rates.
  • Comprehensive activity history — combined Salesforce, and mailbox data in one view.
  • Automate activity capture — easily log emails and attachments to Salesforce or activate automatic syncing.
  • Quickly create Salesforce leads and contacts or convert leads to contacts and opportunities right from your inbox.
  • Customizable by your Salesforce admin: log event/email forms, menus, open tracking, availability sharing.

Book meetings with contacts effortlessly

  • Configure multiple availability profiles / event types.
  • Share your availability by inserting customizable links right into email.
  • Teams or Hangout meeting link is automatically generated.

Increase response rates

  • Write faster with templates
  • Activate personalized follow-up sequences
  • See email opens

Instantly view relevant Salesforce data in your inbox

  • Yoxel addons surface relevant Salesforce data so you can craft the perfect response without opening Salesforce.
  • On every email see contact details, related CRM records, upcoming and recent activities.
  • Work through Salesforce list views.

Log emails and events your way

  • Log email as standard activities or enhanced email.
  • Relate email and events to standard or custom objects.
  • Email thread continues to be logged automatically.
  • Customizable log-event forms: custom fields, multiple record types.

Unlock automation, control, and Flow signals

  • Comprehensive workspace sync with our managed package.
  • Centralized managements of the addon’s menus, forms, capabilities (email open tracking, email templates, scheduling).
  • Automated activity capture, and calendar, contacts, tasks syncing.
  • Delivering Salesforce Flow signals to MS Teams, Google Workspace, WebEx.


Installing Outlook addon is explained in this article. Our Gmail addon (Chrome extenstion) requires whitelising by your G Suite admin, please contact us for instructions. Definitely consider installing Yoxel Workspace Sync package to unlock automation, scheduling, and more.
To unlock the automatic syncing, scheduler, email open tracking, and addon customizations ask your Salesforce admin to install the Yoxel Workspace Sync package. The package also provides Salesforce Flow integration capabilities, Yoxel Signals.
We offer 30 days free of charge to all of our new users to let them test Yoxel Workspace Sync. No credit card required. During those 30 days, you can add as many accounts as needed!

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