We have finally pushed our new E2A package to AppExchange. It is now available for all existing and new users, an upgrade link is available here .


Custom sync

The focus of this release was on opening up all available customization/configuration capabilities and on the Email/Event To Anything features :

  • Email to Anything - route email logging to any standard or custom Salesforce object.
  • Event to Anything - route calendar syncing to any standard or custom Salesforce object.
  • Field-based filters for contacts and calendar sync.
  • Default field/value settings.

See a complete overview of the Yoxel Sync features .

Outlook and Gmail add-ons

The add-on’s look and feel have been revamped significantly, and customization controls are now included in the Yoxel Sync package so that SF admins can manage those right from Salesforce.


  • Fully revamped look and feel.
  • Add-on customizations (i.e. custom log event forms, menus, search types)
  • Scheduler - share availability and simplify meeting booking.
  • Email templates.
  • Email open tracking.
  • List views.

See a complete overview of the Yoxel add-ons .

Getting started

If your processes require advanced sync configurations and customized Outlook/Gmail add-ons Yoxel Sync will be a great alternative to the native Salesforce solutions . Here is how you can get started with Yoxel sync .

What is next?

We are actively working on integrating with Salesforce Flow and MS Teams to enable better workplace integrations:

  • Real-time from Salesforce to Outlook/Gmail.
  • Flow-generated notifications into Teams channels.
  • Calendar event logging from Teams.
  • And more…

If you’re interested in trying these new capabilities, please reach out to us from this page .

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