In the fast-paced arena of sales and customer relationship management, efficiency reigns supreme. Every moment holds value, and the perpetual shuffle between email platforms and CRM systems poses a formidable challenge to productivity. The incessant context switching among Gmail, Outlook, and CRM tools not only eats away at time but also introduces errors and inefficiencies into the workflow. Surprisingly, even renowned CRM providers often fall short in delivering comprehensive Inbox integrations.

Pipedrive’s Google Workspace Addon: A Case Study in Missed Potential

Pipedrive boasts a powerful CRM platform, but its Google Workspace Addon for Gmail fails to live up to its potential. User reviews paint a picture of limited functionality and frustrating technical issues. The inability to attach emails to deals, create leads directly from Gmail, and enjoy comprehensive email tracking forces users to constantly switch between platforms, severely hindering their productivity. See just a few recent user reviews:

Completely useless. Can’t do anything with it, no customization, no look up. All you can do is add the specific email sender.

Very basic, can only add people as contacts, not leads and cannot add fields.

Brutal extension. Displays only basic data about a person. Better not to have it.

Absolutely useless addon. Cannot do anything apart from some schedule management. No email tracking, no snippets, no tasks, no contact creation. What a shame.

Pretty useless, as others have mentioned.

Man! This has so much potential, but alas, it is useless…

What the user reviews show is that the Pipedrive addon provides the most basic capabilities which are not enough for users that want to manage Pipedrive CRM from their Inbox:

  • The addin looks up a CRM contact in the context of an open email but does not allow finding or managing any other CRM records, i.e. leads or deals.
  • Even the contact viewing and editing capabilities are very limited. Can’t manage multiple emails or phones or any custom fields.
  • No email templates are provided for quick replies with canned emails.
  • Users of the Essential plan cannot share their availability.
  • The addin is not available in Google Calendar.

The current state of the Pipedrive Gmail addon highlights the urgent need for CRM providers to prioritize seamless email integration. By addressing the key criticisms and embracing innovation, they can create powerful tools that empower users to manage their sales pipelines effortlessly within their preferred email platform.

Enter Yoxel’s Google Workspace Add-on

While in its early stages, Yoxel’s Google Workspace Add-on seeks to overcome the limitations of the native Pipedrive add-on and provide essential functionalities for Pipedrive users, especially those on the Essential plan.

Yoxel offers a range of features designed to seamlessly connect your Gmail experience with your Pipedrive workflow:

  • Book meetings with contacts effortlessly: Configure multiple availability profiles (event types) and share your availability by inserting customizable links right into email.

  • Write faster with templates: Create and save templates to reuse again and again. Reply or Compose messages using email templates. Works on mobile!

  • Instantly view relevant CRM data: Surface relevant Pipedrive CRM data, so you can craft the perfect response without leaving Inbox. On every email see contact details, related CRM records, upcoming and recent activities.

  • Work in Google Calendar: Surface relevant Pipedrive CRM data when creating and managing calendar appointments.

  • Leverage Custom Fields: See and edit all custom fields for leads, contacts, deals.


The current state of CRM email integration clearly demonstrates the need for significant improvement. Pipedrive’s Google Workspace Addon serves as a prime example of a missed opportunity to empower users and streamline workflows. Thankfully, innovative solutions like Yoxel’s Google Workspace Addon are emerging to bridge the gap.

Yoxel offers a comprehensive suite of features specifically designed to eliminate context switching and enhance productivity for Pipedrive users. By seamlessly integrating with Gmail and providing essential functionalities like meeting scheduling, email templates, data access, and custom field support, Yoxel empowers users to manage their sales pipelines effortlessly within their preferred email platform. With its intuitive interface and commitment to continuous improvement, Yoxel represents a significant leap forward in the realm of CRM email integration.

Are you ready to experience the difference and unlock the full potential of your Pipedrive workflow? Embrace efficient communication, streamlined processes, and deeper insights with Yoxel’s Google Workspace Addon.