Email has become the go-to communication method in the business world. While it’s a convenient and effective way to keep in touch, it can also be overwhelming, with inboxes constantly flooded with messages. To help users increase productivity and response rates, Yoxel has introduced a personal email drip feature in its Salesforce addon - Follow Up Robot. In this article, we’ll explore how Yoxel Follow Up Robot can boost user productivity, increase email response rates, and establish a deeper connection with recipients.

What is Yoxel Salesforce Add-On?

Yoxel Salesforce Add-On is a productivity tool that allows Salesforce users to access and manage their CRM data directly from their Microsoft Outlook or Google Gmail email client. The Follow Up Robot is a feature of this tool, designed to automate email followup and increase response rate. The robot uses a set of pre-defined rules to automatically send personalized email drips to recipients who haven’t responded to the initial email.


How Does Yoxel Follow Up Robot Work?

The Follow Up Robot is designed to help users save time by automating follow-up emails. Once the initial email has been sent, the Follow Up Robot takes over, sending personalized follow-up emails based on pre-defined rules. Users can customize the rules according to their preferences, setting the number of follow-up emails, time intervals, and more.

Boosting User Productivity

Yoxel Follow Up Robot helps users manage their inbox more efficiently by automating follow-up emails. By eliminating the need for manual follow-up, users can save time and focus on other important tasks. With Yoxel Follow Up Robot, users can streamline their email threads, reduce clutter, and stay organized, leading to a more productive workday.

Increasing Email Response Rates

One of the primary goals of Yoxel Follow Up Robot is to increase email response rates. By sending personalized follow-up emails, users can capture the recipient’s attention and increase the likelihood of a response. The personalization feature helps establish a deeper connection with the recipient, making them more likely to engage with the email thread.

Establishing a Deeper Connection

Establishing a deeper connection with the recipient is critical in building a long-lasting relationship. By activating personalized follow-up sequences for email threads Follow Up Robot helps users establish a connection with their recipients. This connection can lead to a better understanding of the recipient’s requirements, leading to more successful collaborations and business relationships.


Yoxel Salesforce Add-On with its Follow Up Robot is a powerful email management tool that can help users increase their productivity, streamline their inbox, and establish a deeper connection with their recipients. By automating the follow-up process and personalizing the emails, users can save time, improve their response rates, and build better relationships. If you’re looking to improve your email management and increase your productivity, Yoxel Follow Up Robot is worth considering.